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Fusion now on offer

The Fusion 20% off! NOW only £999

Fusion is a new concept in portable electronic magnifiers, by fusing two technologies it can be used either as:
- For quick and easy reading of flat documents, by simply placing the whole unit onto text which is then magnified onto the screen.
- By removing the camera from the main unit and moving it over the material allowing comfortable extended reading for more challenging material.

- Simply place Fusion on text for quick & easy reading.
- Removable mouse camera for more comfortable extended reading.
- Continuous zoom magnification from x6 - x18.
- Full colour & enhanced reading modes black / white, white / black and semi-colours.
- Text stretch mode.
- Built-in handwriting stand.

Prisma now on offer

The Prisma 10% off! NOW only £999

Prisma is a full colour video magnifier with a stylish, adjustable camera stand and integral table that allows a tremendous range of magnification in a convenient size. The simple controls allow you to view in full colour or enhanced reading modes. Magnification is achieved by raising or lowering the camera and re-focusing with the large focus control located on the top of the unit.

Prisma uses a standard TV for its display so you can take it anywhere to read or work. The clearance under the camera allows you to write easily and even perform practical tasks such as needlework or other hobbies. The unit folds to a mere 5cm when not in use so it can be transported or stowed away easily.

The aluminium extrusions used in its construction lend Prisma a stylish appearance and a low weight of just over 1kg.

To find out more information or to arrange a demonstration of any of the following products please call Freephone 08000 28 66 38 or email sfi@contemplation-homes.co.uk

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