Welcome to Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home

Beechcroft Manor is a private Nursing Home which joined the Contemplation Homes Group in April 2005.

The Home is currently registered with the Care Quality Commission to admit 18 male and female residents under the Service Category of Care Home with Nursing (N).


The building was originally built as a very large and grand house around the 1900's, and has been totally renovated and refurbished over the years to accommodate 18 residents requiring nursing and/or dementia care. 

The bedrooms are equipped and decorated to a high standard and we encourage our residents to bring in personal items such as ornaments and photographs to enable them to feel completely at home. Families can install personal televisions and telephones as they wish.

There are two lounges/dining rooms for our residents and their families to enjoy and relax in. Both rooms have a television, a radio, a DVD player and a video player and tapes for general use. There is also a large quantity of books with both small and large print available.

Our activities co-ordinators always have entertainment planned and encourage anyone who wishes to participate. We also have regular Open Days and themed events such as "The Queens Birthday" with live bands playing.

There is an attractive, well -established garden with a summerhouse and a gazebo for our residents, their families and their friends to enjoy during the fine weather. Several of our residents often have tea sitting in the garden and there is ample room for car parking.

Beechcroft Manor Nursing Home

1 Beechcroft Road Alverstoke, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 2EP

Tel: 023 9258 3908

Our Team

The Matron, Heather Reilly, is a Registered Mental Nurse. She is registered with the Care Quality Commission as the Manager of Beechcroft Manor. She can be contacted at the home and has the day to day responsibility for the running of the home.

Heather is supported by a team of skilled nurses and care staff who have an on-going programme of training and development which enables them to plan and deliver the appropriate care required to meet the needs of our residents and to ensure that they are comfortable and content throughout their stay at Beechcroft Manor

Assessment prior to admission is essential to ensure that the resident is placed appropriately.

The home also has excellent administrative, cleaning, laundry, maintenance and gardening ancillary staff that ensure Beechcroft Manor residents everyday needs are managed promptly, efficiently and effectively.

Our chefs know that good food makes happy people so they prepare and serve meals to the highest standard and can cater for individual dietary needs, tastes and specialist requirements throughout the day.

You are very welcome to come and view Beechcroft Manor at any time or why not call and book an appointment to meet Heather and her team for a guided tour of this beautiful home.

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